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Weed tiller

ultra flat cultivator

Ecoweeding Weed Tiller ultra flat cultivator.
With this cultivator it is possible to work very shallow, for example to cut and mechanically destroy green manure or to carry out a very flat stubble operation.
The machine has a long construction length to allow large quantities of crop residues to flow through easily.

The Weed Tiller is equipped with 4 support wheels that ensure a very accurate adjustment of the working depth by means of a spindle adjustment in the frame.
Optionally, the Weed Tiller can be fitted with a double row of harrow tines that run behind the cultivator for leveling the cultivated land.
Due to the working width of 6 meters in combination with the high working speed, a high capacity can be achieved.


chisels of 20 cm for sufficient overlap
4 spindle adjustable running wheels for perfect ground contour following
adjustable double row harrow tines
LED lighting and width marking
3 meters transport width
fixed middle part for lower transport height and possibility to build up the seed drill
5 rows of tines and long construction for good flow
spring tines 45x12mm with extra inner spring
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