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Inter row cultivator

For vegetables, maize and undersowing

Frame made of fine-grain structural steel for high resistance to impact and tension
adjustable cultivators, 8 rows of parallelogram-guided weed hoes for row crops
Rubber jockey wheel with stepless crank adjustment, spring steel tines & row protection discs
Row spacing variably adjustable
Three-point linkage hydraulic folding bracket under 3m for road travel
mechanical depth adjustment
individually suspended implements with tarred trailing roller
including lighting & warning signs

used to break the rusted surface of the earth
optimal growing conditions due to faster ground heat and stimulation of growth
for weed control between row crops

other working widths (4 to 8 rows) on request
other trailing rollers on request
also available as a front attachment
Additional console for 2.25m track width can be purchased

We understand regenerative agriculture
Mechanical weed control is our specialty
high-quality machines
for carefree working days and a long lifetime
We speak english
We supply our machines wordwide and would like to advice you